DF Cashew Mexican Cheese

This recipe is inspired by my fellow NTP Cristina Curp. Her original Mozz Blocks Recipe is a staple in my house. I took her wonderful recipe and added a little spin of my own with this dairy free Mexican cheese inspired recipe. I absolutely love the flavors that come through in this recipe. For someone who can't eat dairy this is a fantastic alternative that will have you coming back to make it over and over again.

Hey friend! I'm Nicola and I believe that you can absolutely heal your body through food! After over a decade with no answers to my digestive issues, fatigue, brain fog skin issues and weight gain, I said enough! I took my health into my own hands and the universe did the rest. Over the last 5 years I have spent time working side by side with naturopathic doctors, functional medicine practitioners and precision medicine doctors alike. Now I share my knowledge and recipes with you in hopes to help you feel your best!

Alright! Here it is in all it's glory I hope you love this recipe as much as I do! Remember food should be celebrated. So make this beautiful nutrient dense Ramen, but remember when you sit down to eat be mindful, grateful and present. Think about how lucky you are to have such amazing ingredients at your fingertips and how this meal will fuel your body with the nutrients it so needs!