Nutrition FAQs

Do you follow a specific type of diet (ie Keto, Vegan, Paleo)?

My clients and I work together to develop a lifestyle around all types of foods, based on their preferences. I welcome all types of eating style and feel food should be celebrated and not restricted. As long as your body does well with the foods implemented I think everything is fair game. The key here is determining which foods your body does well with.

How do you know which way of eating is optimal for me?

I take a very bioindividual approach to eating with my clients. We factor in data collected prior to the first appointment along with their current lifestyle needs. The goal with optimizing health isn't perfection, it's to factor in your happiness, health goals and life to make it all fit synergistically. Life should be about being your best self, I work with clients to determine what that looks like to them, then we implement strategies to achieve the desired end goal!

Where should I start? Do I purchase your meal plan, recipes etc or see you first?

This is totally up to you! My meal plans and guides will definitely give you a leg up in understanding nutrition and what foods do to help you feel your best. However if you are trying to optimize and tailor your nutrition to you specifically I do recommend starting with an in person or telemedicine appointment

Do you only guide clients with nutritional recommendations?

No! As much as I love and think nutrition and food is uber important. I also think lifestyle (ie stress, habits, sleep, etc) is just as important too. We will talk about everything nothing is off the table. The goal is to create the best and healthiest lifestyle that works for you!!!