Low Sugar Apple Pie Cookies

It is finally here the leaves are starting to change and the mornings are much cooler. I have been in full bake mode these last two weeks. I just love fall, it's smells, the colors, the coziness of it all. I wonder if it is too soon to start the Halmark Christmas movies, never too soon right!?! I didn't think so! But back to these decadent cookies, they are a spinoff of my brown

Hey friend! I'm Nicola and I believe that you can absolutely heal your body through food! After over a decade with no answers to my digestive issues, fatigue, brain fog skin issues and weight gain, I said enough! I took my health into my own hands and the universe did the rest. Over the last 5 years I have spent time working side by side with naturopathic doctors, functional medicine practitioners and precision medicine doctors alike. Now I share my knowledge and recipes with you in hopes to help you feel your best!

paper bag apple pie and I am here for these. The perfect size to have for a little treat that reminds you of all your favorite fall holidays. Not to mention these are guilt free cookies, low glycemic and protein packed. You can feel confident in eating one...hey maybe even two without worry. So, what are you waiting for, get to the store and get yourself baking!