Becoming a New Client

Have you been struggling to feel your best trying diet after diet but nothing seems to work? Do you suspect something internally may be causing your symptoms? I was just like you, I was told by doctors, nutritionists and specialist alike, I was fine one even told me I was a "perfect" healthy person.

Deep down inside I knew they were wrong, I would have awful menstrual cycles, extreme bloating, excessive belching and/or gas, pain in my stomach after eating, brain fog, skin issues and the list goes on and on. Does this sound like you too? If it does then you have come to the right place.

My goal with each and everyone of my clients is to take a personalized approach factoring in food, lifestyle and your passions to help guide and educate you on your specific needs. I believe that the foods we consume can either heal or hurt us. Factoring in this, along with your current lifestyle we devise a plan together setting goals that are realistic and obtainable.

I look forward to working with you and can't wait to help you feel your best!!!

Nicola helps clients overcome and support:

Weight loss

Gut Dysfunction


Liver/Gall Bladder



Blood Sugar


Leakey Gut

Acne/Skin Issues

Food Sensitivities/Allergies

Emotional Health

Limiting Beliefs


Creating Habits

One on One Client Pricing

Initial New Client Appointment


Existing Client Appointment


The Mind-Body Connection

Are you looking for something you can do on your own time, at your own pace and self guided? Then this 100% online 5 week transformative course is for you. Take a deep dive into understanding how you tick, form habits, and how you process emotions all while learning how to create a healthy relationship with food. Best part I am with you virtually through video as you progress through the course work, cheering you on and educating you so, you can take control of your health and wellness.

So what will you learn? The goal of this course is to make a lasting lifestyle change that fits your current life needs and is sustainable. This is not a quick fix, crash diet, rather, my program achieves results by restructuring the way your mind works so the benefits stick over time. Okay, so how do we do this? Let’s break down the basic components of my course: How to break habits, overcoming limiting beliefs and setting proper boundaries - How to reduce stress and live a more “present” life - Basic nutrition and how the body works

- Time management

- Self-love and gratitude

- How to meal prep like a boss

- Exercises to do while in the program

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Corporate Health & Wellness Program

Are you an employer looking to add value and truly invest in your team? Are you wanting to make sure your team members are healthy and efficient at their job duties? Then this Health & Wellness Program is for you! We live in a world were chronic disease is on the rise and our current global health is not stable. So, why not give your team all the tools to help them optimize their health and wellness. Keeping sick time down and employee engagement high!

What's included:

Online Nutritional Assessments and feedback

In-person or Telemedicine Appointments

Pricing varies on program selected

Interested in learning more? Email to set up a meeting today!