Your Healthy Happy Journey ' s Philosophy

Here at Your Healthy Happy Journey, we take a natural and full life approach to health and wellness, where we don't just look at what you're eating but also your lifestyle, sleep, exercise and emotional health. Nicola's ideology is based off of her four pillar approach where she believes for full body optimization to occur you must first have these pillars functioning correctly. Nicola also believes in bio individuality- we are all unique and different so each clients plan is tailored to their bio-individual needs

Pillar I Emotional Health (Mindfulness):

So much of our daily habits are created by past experience or what we are shown as a child. These habits become our perception of reality and can sometimes hinder our ability to be our best selves. Mix that with our modern society of overstimulation and living in a sympathetic high stress state and you get high inflammation and internal dysfunction. This recipe can become a great host for disease. This is why Nicola feels this pillar of care is the upmost important of them all.

In this pillar we work together to identify chronic stressors, limiting beliefs and habits that no longer serve us. This pillar focuses on reducing stress and bringing in a more mindful approach to life through rewiring the way in which we perceive our world and setting healthy boundaries

Pillar II Sleep Hygiene:

Sleep is easily the most underrated function we must do every day. Sleep is where our brain rests and toxins are flushed out, doesn't that seem pretty important? We'd say so too! Not to mention we general feel more energized, eat less and function better when we get adequate sleep.

Now hours of sleep is important but the quality in which we sleep is just as important. In this pillar we focus on ways to get your circadian rhythm optimized and you ready for bed in a relaxed and calm state

Pillar III Nutrition:

The good old saying you are what you eat, though true, Nicola also believes more importantly you are what you absorb. Our modern-day diet consists of highly inflammatory and sugar riddled foods that when over consumed lead to chronic disease like Obesity, Type II diabetes, Heart Disease and Cancer.

Nicola takes an intuitive approach with food in this pillar. She believes in an 80/20 rule where 80% of the time you eat whole foods that truly fuel your body and the other 20% you enjoy the cookies (or whatever it is you love). She also believes no food is bad and all food should be celebrated if they make you feel good! Here she doesn't give you a restrictive diet instead she educates on how foods affect your body and how to best metabolize them for effective digestion and nutrient absorption

Pillar IV Exercise:

It's a love hate relationship for most isn't it? In the years Nicola has worked in health and wellness she has seen one common theme when it comes to exercise. Most view it negatively "I have to exercise so I can eat what I want", "If I don't exercise, I will just gain weight" either of these sound familiar? Sometimes it even becomes an addiction right!?! Although Nicola believes exercise and movement are important, she believes it shouldn't be the first priority to optimization of your health. She actually views it as the least important and until you have a healthy relationship with food, you are getting enough sleep and you have your stress under control exercise could even be hurting you more than helping you.

In this pillar she takes into account all lifestyle factors and helps you build a positive relationship with exercise that works for your bio-individual needs.