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Hi! I’m Nicola Burbank, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and owner of Your Healthy Happy Journey. Your Healthy Happy Journey is a holistic wellness practice with one mission: to optimize health and inspire people to live a life full of purpose! Over the last decade, I worked in the health and education industries before finding my true calling as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. In my earlier twenties I was sidelined by health and gut issues seeking help and finding no answers from our western medical model. I found my way back to wellness by healing myself through food, exercise and stress management. I’ve always loved science and I use scientific data to create a customized plan that incorporates individuals’ age, gender, lifestyle, family history and health conditions to personalize their nutrition plan. I combine this with my four pillars of care, taking a deep dive into understanding how my clients tick, how they form habits, their fears and insecurities allowing for a tailored approach that sticks. So, look around to get to know me and my philosophy a little better and make sure to try some of my healthy and delicious recipes while you’re at it!

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